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Gozo International BIOdivMex Workshop 2012

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Gozo international BioDivMeX workshop : Mediterranean Biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development

Du 9 au 15 septembre 2012

Illustration des paysages de Gozo à côté de là où aura lieu le workshop

Invitation letter

Dear colleagues,

As part of the MISTRALS pan-Mediterranean initiative and in the framework of the cooperation between France’s CNRS Institute of Ecology and Environment and the University of Malta, the second international BioDivMeX workshop (Biodiversity of the Mediterranean eXperiment), entitled “Gozo International Biodivmex Workshop : Mediterranean Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Development”, will be held from 9 to 15 September 2012 in Gozo, Malta.

The first BioDivMeX workshop held in Marseille, France on 8-9 November 2011, with some fifty researchers from the whole Mediterranean area attending, stressed the interest of and need for a meeting bringing together young researchers and experienced academics from various Mediterranean countries.

Thus the objectives of the second workshop are :
Sharing knowledge on specific strengths and threats affecting the Mediterranean area with respect to biodiversity
Updating knowledge on issues relating to biodiversity at large (eg. ecosystem services)

  • Upgrading knowledge and practices, from concrete examples in the field of biodiversity, both as regards theoretical (i.e. advances in the field of taxonomy and phylogeny, such as modeling) and practical (technical measurement and sampling) aspects
  • Exchanging among colleagues so as to build up links and networks, compare experiences and backgrounds
  • Strengthening interactions between bioscience and social sciences in view of the understanding of past and present impacts of man on the establishment of existing biodiversity and in order to illustrate the concept of global ecology and anthropo-built ecosystems

This workshop will be open to about twenty five persons, mostly PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and young researchers working in the field of Mediterranean terrestrial or marine biodiversity at large. All sessions will be conducted in English. All expenses, including international (up to EUR300) and local transportation as well as living expenses (accommodation – in shared twin rooms – and full board) will be covered by the BioDivMeX programme. There will be no fee for attending the workshop. Selection of participants will go through a call for participation. Applicants are to send a cover letter and fill in an application form, as enclosed, by 1 July 2012.
The website of the BioDivMeX programme is now online at : (under construction). You may dowload the application form for the 2012 BioDivMeX Workshop at :

Provisional programme (subject to change)

  • Sunday 9 September
    Arrival of participants in Malta
  • Monday 10 to Friday 14 September
    High level scientific courses consisting of five thematic half-day sessions, each made up of 1 to 2 presentations and Q&A
    • Session 0 General introduction to the workshop, presentation on the BioDivMeX programme, self-introductions (each participant is kindly requested to prepare a 2-to-3-slides presentation on their academic and scientific background and ongoing research activities)
      Session 1 Biodiversity in the Mediterranean : from the Establishment of Biodiversity to its Conservation
    • Session 2 Ecosystem Services in the Mediterranean
    • Session 3 Landscapes and Human Impact in the Mediterranean
    • Session 4 Ontogenetic and Functional Biodiversity in the Mediterranean
    • Session 5 Climate Change and Biodiversity : the Example of the Marine Environment
  • Debriefing session
    ii) Illustrating field trips consisting of 3 half-day sets of activities, addressing :
    The study of flora and terrestrial and marine wildlife
    Landscapes in their ecological context
    Human impacts on the environment and biodiversity, possibly including an explanation of the competences and skills required to understand this specific biodiversity
    The history of human impacts (eg. archaeological sites)
  • Friday 14 (late afternoon) / Saturday 15 September
    Departure from Malta

Ci-dessous vous pouvez trouver le formulaire d’inscription et la lettre d’invitation au workshop :

Application Form Biodivmex Workshop 2012.pdf
Ce document est le formulaire d’inscription au workshop II de BioDivMeX, ayant lieu à Gozo (Malte) du 9 au 15 septembre 2012.
Ce document est le formulaire d’inscription au workshop II de BioDivMeX, ayant lieu à Gozo (Malte) du 9 au 15 septembre 2012.
Lettre invitation workshop Gozo.pdf
Ce document est la lettre d’invitation au workshop II de BioDivMeX ayant lieu à Gozo les 10 et 15 sept 2012