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The Mediterranean region, located at the crossroad of three continents, presents a unique climate, a natural and cultural diversity and heritage among its countries and territories where environmental and development issues are particularly acute. Representing 7% of the world’s population (460 million inhabitants with 2/3 are urban), the Mediterranean region includes 60% of the population of the world’s “water poor” countries and is already facing the effects of climate change and anthropic activities : loss of biodiversity, scarcity of natural resources, soil degradation, pollution, natural hazards (flash fooding..) and social risks (conflicts on the use of natural resources). The French initiative MISTRALS (Mediterranean Integrated STudies at Regional And Local Scales), is a ten-year research program and aims at a better understanding of the environemental functionning of the Mediterranean basin, in a global change context. BioBivMeX ss part of the specific programs of the "chantier" Méditerranée" MISTRALS with 7 others specifics programs including SICMED - HyMEx, MerMEx, TerMEx, PaleoMEx, ChArMEx, BioDivMeX - Hence, MISTRALS covers Earth sciences, marine sciences, climate and paleo-climate, environnement, ecology, hydrometrology and continental ecosystems.