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Report of the Workshop in Gozo

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First Gozo BIODIVMEX scientific workshop (Malta, 9-14 September 2012) on the initiative of the CNRS and University of Malta

Mediterranean young scientists join forces towards research on Mediterranean biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development

The scientific program BIODIVMEX is the "Biodiversity" component of the pan-Mediterranean metaprogram MISTRALS on research and observations dedicated to the study of the environmental functioning of the Mediterranean. All_participants.jpeg
Further to the MISTRALS international workshop held in Malta in March 2011, which marked the official launch of the internationalization of the metaprogram , BIODIVMEX organized a seminar in Marseille towards dialogue at the regional level.

One of the outcomes of the latter was the confirmation of the relevance of coordinated research on biodiversity across the Mediterranean and the need to ensure a better sharing of knowledge between the scientific communities of all countries. Thus the idea of an international scientific workshop bringing together young scientists in the field was adopted.

Co-organized by the CNRS (INEE) and the University of Malta (Departments of Biology and Classics & Archaeology), the workshop was held from September 9 to 15 on the island of Gozo.

It brought together about 30 young scientists - PhD students, postdocs, young researchers - selected through a call for applications widely disseminated , and originating from 14 different countries (Algeria, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine). All_participants_fieldwork.jpeg

These young researchers participated in course sessions designed and delivered by researchers from France, Cyprus and Malta to which field sessions designed and led by scientists Maltese were added. All was about taking advantage of the unique iconic Mediterranean features showed both at marine and terrestrial levels by the island of Gozo so as to illustrate, both through archaeological and contemporary aspects, the need to develop integrative and interdisciplinary approaches in global ecology, in order to better understand the issues at stake when it comes to research on Mediterranean biodiversity.

The workshop was an important contribution to the building of a network of young Mediterranean researchers necessary to deploy coordinated research across the Mediterranean in the field of biodiversity.

The follow-up will consist in the introduction of online applications in order to keep the network active and preparation of additional workshops focusing on specific topics of shared interest.

The uniqueness of Malta, illustrated in particular by the Maltese language that simultaneously echoes the Romance languages of Europe and the Semitic languages of North Africa and the Middle East as well as the emblematic Mediterranean character of the archipelago have largely contributed to the constructive and cooperative atmosphere that very quickly was that of the group.

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Contacts :
- Prof. Thierry Gauquelin, Coordinator, BIODIVMEX, Institut méditerranéen de biodiversité et d’écologie marine et continentale (IMBE, UMR CNRS – IRD – universités d’Aix-Marseille et Avignon),
- Dr. Arnaud Lalo, Director of the CNRS Office for the Mediterranean, University of Malta campus,

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Ce document est la liste des participants du wokshop II de BioDivMeX à Malte (9-16 septembre 2012)