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Announcement : Malta 2014, an International Workshop on Marine Biodiversity

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(7th to 16th of September 2014)
[*Application deadline expired*]

’Malta 2014’ is a 10 day workshop organized by the French National Center for Scientific Research CNRS in the framework of its BIODIVMEX programme, the Israeli non-profit organization ECOOCEAN, and the University of Malta.

The workshop will provide about 20 young researchers in marine science with lectures and demonstrations pertaining to Mediterranean marine ecosystems during 5 days using the facilities of an oceanographic vessel. After these 5 days, participants will be divided into three distinct working groups which will initiate research projects on two specific ecosystems in order to contribute to filling the knowledge gap for Malta : a) the open water column (WGs 1 and 2), and b) marine caves (WG3).

Workshop Malta 2012 field workThe specific scientific questions for WG1 and WG 2 will be : ’What is the composition of the present planktonic assemblages around Maltese islands ; how do they vary along depth gradients and between sites with different levels of disturbance (e.g. pristine vs. polluted areas) ?’ For WG3, participants must be experienced SCUBA divers. The scientific questions will be ’What is the present status of Maltese cave ecosystems, what ecological conditions exist there, which species characterise them, and how can cave biodiversity be affected by anthropogenic disturbance and/or climatic events ?’

Participants (graduate students to post-doctoral level) in any field of marine sciences may apply to participate in this workshop ; the successful candidates will be chosen according to their interests, skills and recommendations. ’Malta 2014’ will cover all costs of lodging, food, field trips and equipment used ; the only cost that needs to be covered by the participant is the travel expense to and from Malta.

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